About Giclee Prints

Giclee (jee-clay or ghee-clay) is a French word meaning “to spray or to squirt ink.” This printing technology was developed in 1989 as a digital method of creating fine art reproductions. A number of independent testing labs have investigated the longevity of this technique and estimate that most Giclee prints will remain unchanged without any noticeable fading or color shifting for 50 to 200 years. I do not have the expertise to determine a more precise estimate, but I believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle of this range. By avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and extremes of temperature and humidity, one can greatly extend the life of these amazing prints.

Each of my limited-edition prints is signed, titled, and numbered. Each comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity which also happens to be an ink-jet print, making it just as archival as the Giclee print. The prints are typically in four sizes (small, medium, large, and custom extra-large) and each print that is purchased contributes to the limited-edition count. After the final Giclee print in an edition is created, no additional prints for that painting will be produced. My limited-edition size is typically 200 prints.

The majority of my artwork is now offered as open-edition Giclee reproductions, meaning there is no fixed limit on how many can be printed. Great care is taken in every step of the reproduction process to maintain the highest quality printing possible. In fact, I love the look of Giclee prints so much, I proudly display them on the walls of my own home.

For framing, I recommend using UV-rated glazing (glass or acrylic), and acid-free matting materials to prolong the life of the print. An even better, but more costly option is museum glass, which reduces distracting reflections from bright windows that interfere with the experience of the artwork. I strongly believe this glazing is worth the extra expense when one considers that the artwork will likely be on display for years or decades to come. Until the print is framed, please avoid rubbing the surface and take the necessary precautions to prevent any contact with water.

My prints are crafted by several excellent businesses that work with me to ensure the greatest fidelity to the original artwork using the latest technology and archival inks and papers. These buisnesses include:

Hunter Editions in Kennebunk, ME
Visual Art Imaging in Thomaston, ME
Digital ImageWorks, Waterville, ME