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Tuna Frenzy

Bluefins are magnificent! I have observed them for hours chowing down on schools of peanut-sized herring along the Maine coast. Feeding frenzies erupt as some of these giants nearly leap clear out of the water. Just as suddenly, all is quiet until the schools of herring reorganize below. Bluefins are the largest tuna species and live up to forty years, migrate thousands of miles, dive to more than 4,000 feet and reach speeds up to fifty miles per hour. Past overfishing due to the insatiable demand for sushi has threatened their survival. To fully restore their numbers, I am hopeful that we will better protect their prey that includes smaller species like herring, mackerel, hake, menhaden, as well as squid and various crustaceans. As top predators, Bluefins bio-accumulate many deadly toxins including mercury and PCBs. Increasingly, these are having a negative health effect on human consumers. Ultimately, their survival and ours will depend on our collective commitment to live less toxic lifestyles.